Single vision, bi-focal and vari-focal.



Have you ever been to your opticians and felt bamboozled by the different types of lenses, coating and prices offered to you? At The Opticians Hawick we will give you clear choices that suit your requirements. Our opticians and highly-trained optical assistants want you to feel confident that you are getting the lenses you need and that you are not paying for gimmicks.

Here are some lenses and coating you may have heard of:

If you wear glasses with a single prescription for distance and/or reading then you will need nothing more complex than a single vision lens.

Bifocals are like putting your distance glasses on top of your reading glasses and fusing them together. You will have a full field of vision for both distance and reading but there will be a line on the lens. You will struggle to use a computer as this line is at the same level as the computer screen, and neither the top nor bottom segment is the correct prescription for computer distance. If you like to use bifocals and you also use a computer we can make you a pair of single vision glasses with a specific prescription for use on your PC.

With a varifocal, the lens is blended at the edges to allow a gradual change from distance to reading prescription and there will be no visible line on the lens. Because of the way it is blended there will be some blur at the edge of the lens and a column of clear vision down the centre. As well as the distance and reading part of the lens there is an intermediate part that is used for PC work or to see the dashboard in the car.

A basic varifocal has a narrow column of clear vision and lots of blur at the edges, but the column of clear vision increases -and the blur decreases- as you move into the better varifocals.

The Opticians Hawick has a choice of four varifocal lenses (Bronze; Silver; Gold and Platinum) for you to choose from and our highly-trained optical assistants can talk to you about the real differences between them.

You may be offered an anti-reflective coating (MAR) on your lenses. This will help to reduce reflections and glare, giving clearer, crisper vision and making the spectacle lenses less visible on your face.

Who is it for?

  • If you drive, the coating will decrease the reflective glare from oncoming traffic and headlights.
  • If you use a computer and/or work under artificial lights, the coating will decrease the reflective glare from these light sources.
  • If you have cataracts, light will be scattered by the cataracts causing you discomfort in certain light levels. An anti-reflective coating decreases this type of glare, giving you increased comfort and vision.
  • Cosmetically the lenses look nicer with an anti-reflective coating as anyone looking at you will be able to see your eyes, rather than a reflection of your surroundings.

Photochromic lenses go darker in higher light levels then lighten up again when you go inside or into lower light levels. Photochromic lenses work extremely efficiently when coupled with an anti-reflective coating (see above) and The Opticians Hawick will give you £10 off if you purchase the two together.

You can have any prescription of lens tinted into sunglasses. If you want them to be polarised (a type of tinted lens that cuts out reflective glare and surface reflections) we can do that too.

If you have a high prescription lens, you may want to get your spectacle lenses made thinner and lighter to improve comfort and vision.

All of our lens options are clearly priced and there are no hidden costs.

Our Process


Step 1. Get your eyes tested

Our optician will perform a thorough, FREE eye test to check the health of your eyes and check if you need glasses. Alternatively you can bring in your current prescription form another optician.


Step 2. We help you choose the right lenses

We will discuss your requirements and between us we will decide on the best type of lenses to suit your needs.


Step 3. We make your new glasses

Your new glasses will be made to the highest standard by our lab in Edinburgh and should be available to collect within a week to ten days. When you come to collect your glasses we will fit them and check with you that everything is to your satisfaction before you take them away to enjoy.

Everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free NHS eye test so call today to book yours 01450 372 629