3D Scan

The cutting edge of eye care


3D Scan

We are very proud to be able to offer a state of the art 3-D scan to our patients. This non-invasive, quick and painless test, called an OCT (ocular coherence tomography) scan, will generate an image similar to an ultrasound image of different parts of your eye. We will even be able to see layers of the retina that can’t be seen during your usual eye examination and retinal photograph. Our opticians will assess the OCT images for any signs of change, allowing earlier detection and efficient monitoring of many eye conditions. The OCT scan can be done at the same time as your routine eye test.

Mainly found in the hospital setting, the OCT scanner is at the very forefront in eye healthcare.

The test is useful for assessing all patients particularly those in a higher risk group, for example patients with diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol and those with a family history of eye problems such as glaucoma and macula degeneration.

There is a charge of £10 for an OCT scan and the benefits are obvious: You will be receiving the very best possible health check of your eyes and have the reassurance that comes with knowing your eyes are being well cared for.

Our Process


Step 1. Speak to our team

Simply call the practice, pop in or send us an email to book an appointment time that suits you. If you are coming in for your routine eye test, mention that you would like a 3-D scan too.


Step 2. Undertake 3D scan

This quick and painless scan can be done when you come for your routine eye test. All you will have to do is look at a fixation light while the scanner gathers the images.


Step 3. We talk you through your scan

We will show you the scan pictures and talk you through the results. Each time you come to us we can perform a scan to check for any changes, ensuring you get the very best in eye care.

Everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free NHS eye test so call today to book yours 01450 372 629