Free kids’ eye tests

Free kids’ eye tests

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How does your child know if their vision is normal? There are lots of children with blurred vision in one or both eyes and they are not to know that this isn’t normal. Uncorrected blur can lead to problems with focussing, concentrating and keeping up at school. If left this can lead to problems later in life like a ‘lazy eye’. The only way to find out if your child’s vision and eye health are as they should be is to take them to an optician for a full check-up.  Here at The Opticians we take care to make kids feel comfortable and happy in what can seem like a pretty daunting environment. We make a child’s eye test is much less formal than an adult’s and we take our time to ensure that we get the best results, so that you can be confident that your child’s eye health is being cared for as you would expect it to be.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t know all their letters yet, we can use numbers or pictures to check their vision. We can also assess their colour vision and check for signs of muscle problems like a squint, and of course we will make sure that their eyes look healthy too.

Even if your child doesn’t need glasses they should still have an eye test every year to keep a check on the health of their eyes and look for any changes to their vision.  If they do need glasses then we have a huge range of styles and colours to suit all faces from tinies to teens and our fully-trained optical assistants will help you to choose the best style and fit.

Book your child in for appointment with Lee or Tom for their FREE EYE TEST to make sure they are match-fit.

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Everyone in Scotland is entitled to a free NHS eye test so call today to book yours 01450 372 629